Lilypad Lacquer Review

Hello everyone!

Today I have another new-to-me brand that I am very excited to show you today! I have three beauties to show you by Lilypad Lacquer!

Info on Lilypad Lacquer:

Lilypad Lacquer is an Australian Independent nail lacquer brand that is Made in Australia and Australian owned and operates from the North Coast of Australia.
Products on offer include a colourful variety of special effect lacquers such as holographics, duochromes, multichromes, hi sparkle colours, chameleon colours, cremes, flakies, topcoats and glitter polishes, using high quality ingredients which are sourced from around the world.


 Now onto the swatches, of course direct links to each polish will be provided! I also added some nail art to each swatch!

First up we have Tropical Treasure a Aqua holo with multichrome, multicolour flakies and micro holo glitter

Photo Sep 10, 7 59 46 PM.pngPhoto Sep 10, 7 57 56 PM.pngPhoto Sep 10, 8 00 39 PM.pngPhoto Sep 10, 8 29 10 PM.png

Discreet Taupe/grey based holo

Photo Sep 12, 5 30 31 PM.jpgPhoto Sep 12, 5 29 59 PM.jpgPhoto Sep 12, 5 32 25 PM.jpgPhoto Sep 11, 10 33 51 AM.png

Purple People Eater a Medium purple holo

Photo Sep 10, 8 58 57 AM.pngPhoto Sep 10, 8 57 38 AM.pngPhoto Sep 10, 8 56 59 AM.pngPhoto Sep 10, 7 05 15 PM.jpg

I am in love with the polishes! Each application was smooth and just perfect! I high recommend them!

My favorite was Purple People Eater! Love the purple! Which one was yours?

Until next time,

Karen (minipolishh)

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