Vapid Lacquer Review

Hello everyone!

This review is part of my new-to-me brand series that I am trying to do every week. Last review I did was on Lilypad Lacquer Review! I’ve been seeing a lot of interest from various people for Vapid Lacquer! So when the Holo Hookup mentioned they were having Vapid as their guest I figured I would try it especially because I have been LOVING orange nail polish. For the swatch I am about to show you I used 2 coats plus topcoat. The application was just flawless, no issues. Unfortunately this polish is no longer available BUT Vapid is releasing a beautiful orange that seems to be darker than this one but…I want that one too!

Dali’s Elephants is a classic, warm red orange linear holographic.

Photo Sep 24, 1 50 12 PM.pngPhoto Sep 24, 10 27 56 AM.pngPhoto Sep 24, 10 28 35 AM.png

I also did some halloween inspired nails for this color. I just can’t get over how beautiful it is!

I used WhatsUpNails Dripping Stencils

Photo Sep 18, 1 08 47 PM.png

Photo Sep 15, 9 07 19 PM.jpg

I will definitely be purchasing more polishes from this brand. I am hoping to get some from their new collection! Wish me luck!

Until next time,

Karen (Minipolishh)



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