Lollipop Posse Lacquer Terrible Twos Anniversary Trio

Hello everyone!

Today I have a extremely beautiful trio to share with you! This is Lollipop Posse’s Terrible Twos Anniversary trio! 

Direct links will be provided for each item! Full photos and swatches will be posted on my IG page: @minipolishh

On Tuesday, May 23rd Lollipop Posse Lacquer will celebrate their 2nd anniversary  They have made a stunning trio to celebrate this achievement.  The Lollipop Posse Lacquer Terrible Twos Anniversary Trio launches on the 23rd at 8pm EST.

Telephone Ice Cream

is a stark white creme that is packed full of various sizes of blue and purple shimmer. You might even catch a shift of pink under the right light!

Photo May 22, 9 05 55 PM.jpg

Scathed Enough in Her Time

is a violently violet, blurple leaning linear holo with a neon blue arc in the holographic flame.

Photo May 22, 9 05 26 PM.jpg

One Hundred and Eleven Fish

 is a magenta crelly that suspends blue to green shifting shimmer and blue/green/purple UCC flakes. One Hundred and Eleven Fish is the very first UCC flake Lollipop available to the public!

Photo May 22, 9 05 41 PM.jpg

The links also provide more swatches from different swatchers! Congratulations @Lollipopposse !!! I wish you many many more years 🙂

-Karen (minipolishh)



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